I Just Realized That Naming a Blog “The New Muslim Order” Probably Isn’t a Good Idea

You now, when I first started the blog, I was a huge Star Wars geek. I had just finished going through “The New Jedi Order” series. I was fairly geeking out. Result? An unfortunate name like “The New Muslim Order.” I figured, hey, everyone’s probably read “The New Jedi Order” series, right? Especially FBI agents; it must be a real hit with them!

Well, I’m older now, and a bit removed from the series. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that “The New Muslim Order” is closer to most people’s mind to “The New World Order” than “The New Jedi Order.” What does that mean? It means that my blog may read to some as a kind of manifesto in turning the world into a Muslim dominated Utopia with a global Muslim hegemony. Well, not my intention. Just a geek geeking out. Sorry bout that folks.

And you can stop emailing me pretending to be Muslim Mr. FBI person.


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